Mikey Way? Please <3 ilysm

done! ily too <33

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Do u know of any good matty Healy imagines?

hm, I posted some Matt Healy imagines on this blog, you can find them here » /tagged/matt-healy-imagine

I believe you can also find some imagines by other blogs if you search for “matt healy imagine” on Tumblr search :)

"My princess", a Gerard Way imagine


Request: (1) Cute Gerard way please :3

(2) Can you please do a Gerard Way imagine please?

You looked at your boyfriend, Gerard, and giggled when he winked at you. You were backstage with him, and you were going to watch MCR’s concert from side stage, and it was the first time you were watching…

Can you pretty please with a cherry on top do a sexy Shannon Leto one? Thanks!

I couldn’t find a gif for a sexy one, so I did a cute one, okay? c:

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